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3SSB press credentials are granted to credible media representatives who have shown evidence that their attendance and/or coverage results in the elevation, promotion, and exposure of the student-athletes who play on the 3SSB Boys & Girls Circuit. In our effort to elevate the 3SSB platform, we’ve made some updates to our media criteria and guidelines. Moving forward, the credential application will be thoroughly reviewed for approvals, and monitored to ensure guidelines are being followed. We thank you for your support and coverage!

Event Guidlines & Verification Requirements

1. If you are a freelancer or contracted media representative, it’s essential to provide identification at media check-in to confirm your association and assignment with print, film, or established internet radio, podcast, blog site. Additionally, you must submit an email of assignment or an email of intent from the represented media outlet, including the assignee’s contact information.

2. To be accredited as media, photographers must be on assignment from a reputable and authorized media outlet. In the case of a freelance photographer, a letter of assignment from the media outlet must be submitted via email to Nina Zavala – (insert my new email)

3. In order to be approved as a credentialed media member, scouting services must be NCAA certified and demonstrate a proven track record of credibility amongst college coaches, NBA Scouts, and/or basketball professionals. You must also show evidence of a consistent report that is sent out to college coaches, NBA, and/or basketball professionals in support of Student-athletes.

4. Videographers will only be approved as credentialed media if:
A. The individual is covering (freelance, contracted, or employeed) on behalf of a credible, sourced media company that is video focused such as: Ball is Life, Overtime, SLAM, etc. In this instance, a representative from the media outlet must apply on your behalf by: 1) Filling out the media form for each individual with legal name as shown on their State Issued I.D./Driver License. 2.Ensure each freelancer videographer has read, and abides by the 3SSB guidelines set in place, especially in reference to tagging the 3SSB Social Media Platforms.
B) The videographer is on a assignment on behalf of an editorial assignment such as “Sports Illustrated”, “247 Sports”, “NY Times”, etc. In this case, a letter of assignment must be submitted from a representative of the media outlet.
C) Individuals who are considered “Influencers” – this will be reviewed case by case, and will only considered if the Influencer’s content is proven to be consistent, positive, and supportive of the 3SSB circuit and its players.



The guidelines above have been established to provide accredited media members the guidance and standards set forth for 3SSB Circuit Events. Any breach of these guidelines will be reviewed case by case and appropriate action will take place, including the withdraw of the credential for this event, or any future events.

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