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FAQ Junior 3SSB

What are the requirements to be a Junior 3SSB team?

• In order to be considered a Junior 3SSB team, you must register
and play in a minimum of (1) event
• The Junior 3SSB Circuit caters to 4th – 8th grade boys teams from
around the country, and offers (2) regional events in 5 different
regions and (1) Junior National Championship. Please note* the
West will consist of (3) regional events instead of (2).
South: Fort Worth, TX and Norman, OKC
Southeast: Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL
Midwest: Chicago, IL and Bloomington, IN
Northeast: Washington, DC and NYC
West: Ladera Ranch, CA (2), and Anaheim, CA (1)
National Championship: Rock Hill, SC
• Each region will have a championship. In order for your team to
compete for the “regional championship” you must register and
play in both regional events.

How does my team qualify for Junior 3SSB Nationals?

Participation in at least one regional event will qualify your team
for nationals. Playing in both regional events, or more will qualify
your team for nationals and guarantee you a higher seeding.
Criteria for nationals is based on each individual team record
across the circuit.

How do I register my team for Junior 3SSB Events?

• You can register for Junior 3SSB events through our website at
• You can view pricing when you click to register for the event.
Pricing differentiates per location
• You may register and pay later. Full payment is due no later than 2
weeks prior to the event date.

Do you offer any discounts for multiple teams?

Yes, we offer $25 discount for 2 or more teams.

Will the games be live-streamed?

Yes, all games will be live-streamed via BallerTV. A link will be
provided on the 3SSBCircuit.info website prior to the event.

Do you have to be an Adidas team, or wear Adidas uniforms to play on the Jr 3SSB Circuit.

No, you do not. We welcome all shoe brand affiliated and
independent teams. You are welcome to wear the uniforms you
have for your team.

Can I purchase Adidas uniforms for my team? If yes, do you have any recommendations of who to go through?

Yes, you can purchase Adidas uniforms for your players as long as
they are an Adidas licensed dealer.
• For contact info. with our preferred vendor, please email [email protected]

What are the benefits of playing Junior 3SSB?

Junior 3SSB provides an expansive platform for 4th-8th grade
BOYS teams. Top performing teams will be invited to play in the –
top of the line – Rock Hill Sports and Events Center in South
Carolina for the Junior 3SSB national championships! 8th grade
champions will be CONSIDERED for a 15U spot on the 3SSB
circuit for the following year.

Do my coaches need to be USA Gold licensed?

Yes, all team directors, coaches, assistants and any other adults
that plan to sit on the bench at our events MUST BE USA Gold
licensed. USAB license must be renewed every year. If you
completed the certification last year, you must complete it again
this year. Please visit community.usab.com to apply or renew your

Where do I stay when we attend the event(s)?

Please check this link for the best hotel deals!

What are the Junior 3SSB Game Rules?

Game rules are listed at the bottom of this page!

Junior 3SSB Logo Usage/Disclaimer

If your team is registered and playing on the Jr. 3SSB Circuit, you may
utilize the Jr 3SSB logo on graphics, videos, and in social media posts
for the sole purpose of promoting your team and players who are
competing on the Junior 3SSB Circuit.
• You may not utilize the Jr. 3SSB logo for financial gain
• You may not utilize the Jr. 3SSB logo on non-approved/licensed
apparel or uniforms
• You may not utilize the Jr. 3SSB logo to host an event. All Jr 3SSB
events are organized and operated in-house.
• If you are NOT a 3SSB adidas sponsored program, you may not
use the 3SSB logo
• You may not utilize any other adidas logo w/o permission

Junior 3SSB Game Rules

Eligibility Guidelines

Players are eligible to participate in the grade level they are enrolled in for the current
(2023-24) school year. If a player is of age to play in a grade division but is currently in a higher
grade, an exception can POTENTIALLY be made by submitting a formal request to
[email protected]. All requests must be made one week PRIOR to event tip-off.

Game Rules

***Coaches MUST confirm ALL numbers in the book prior to the start of the game.**
1. Boys 4th/5th: 14 Minute Halves
2. Boys 6th – 8th: 16 Minute Halves
3. If a team is up 20 points, the clock shall run the last 7 minutes of the game. If the score
differential drops below 20 points, the clock stops.
4. 2 Minute Overtimes, no sudden death
5. 5 Minute Warm-Up, 3 minutes is the minimum – Halftime is 2 minutes
6. 2 x Full and 2 x 30-second timeouts per game (1 Full Timeout Per Overtime, No Carry
7. Players will be disqualified once they have committed their 6th foul
8. 7th team foul is 1 and 1, 10th team foul is 2 shots
9. No press when up 30 points
10. 4th & 5th Grade will play with 28.5 inch ball unless BOTH COACHES agree otherwise
11. Jr. 3SSB has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of inappropriate behavior by coaches,
players, fans, or spectators during the event. The event operator reserves the right to
remove any individual who violates this rule. Please note that the site director is the final
authority on all ejections from the event or facility.
12. All National Federation Rules unless otherwise noted

Game Notes

● Please bring your own warm-up balls
● Game time is forfeit time. Please be at game site early!
● Any player, coach, or fan ejected shall not participate in the next game
● Any player, coach, or fan involved in fighting or verbal altercations will not be allowed
entrance into the facility the rest of the weekend
● Only a max of 3 coaches per team admitted and allowed to sit on the bench.
● All coaches receiving coaches bands must check-in at the admissions table at the facility
of your games. Coaches bands must be kept on throughout the tournament. Coaches
who do not have coaches bands on for the 2nd/3rd day of tournament will have to pay
general daily admission. Bands must be attached.
● Any team that forfeits a game is subject to removal from the event without refund.

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