Boys adidas 3SSB session II – Birmingham

Spring AAU action continued full steam ahead in Hoover, Alabama for 3SSB Session II, with several teams and dozens of players having statement performances. Once again, we saw some strong showings from teams in each age group, with several going undefeated — in 17U, this included Team Loaded VA, Team Loaded NC, Indiana Elite, and Jalen Green Elite. In 16U, Dream Vision, New World, and Team Lillard. Finally, in 15U, ETG Midwest, Atlanta Celtics, and New World.

From an individual standpoint, we yet again saw extremely impressive performances from the likes of Jamarion Batemon (23 PPG, 44.4% 3FG 1.8 SPG), Mikel Brown, Jr. (22.2 PPG, 4.2 APG, 2 SPG), Caleb Holt (18.6 PPG, 6.4 RPG, 2 SPG), Kaden Magwood (21.4 PPG, 63.2 3FG), Koa Peat (22 PPG, 8.8 RPG, 2.3 SPG, 1.8 BPG), Darryn Peterson (19 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 1.8 SPG), in addition to many names that were detailed in the Session I Recap. This aforementioned group did not slow down by any means, but the talent on this circuit runs so deep that the group of 15 below warranted their own spotlight:

Amari Allen | 2025 | 6’8” Wing | Power 5 17U

Few teams are fortunate enough to have a dribble-pass-shoot wing with size, tools, and the creation chops to operate as a primary creator for large stretches. Amari Allen continues to show that this unique value prop is exactly what he brings Power 5. He stands out physically with his strong 6’8” frame and had no issues whatsoever with bringing the ball up the floor and initiating the offense. He was adept at creating for himself, using his handle to get to his spots while showing off his shooting off the dribble and finishing around the basket. He also has been flashing an intriguing ability to create for his teammates as highlighted by his opening four-assist performance of the weekend, so that will be exciting to track going forward.

Ikenna Alozie | 2026 | 6’2” Guard | Utah Prospects 17U

Alozie has a blend of athletic gifts, competitive drive, and polished ball skills that paves the way for him to have a lot of upside as a creator. He brings a dynamic handle and boundless creativity with the ball in his hands to the table which, combined with his athletic gifts, help him generate offense at a high rate. He was at his best getting downhill as a slasher with his violent rim attacks, finishing well through contact and drawing fouls, averaging 4.8 FTA per game. He also showed proficiency with his jumper and made some really creative reads as a passer, all while leaving it all on the court on the defensive end.

Lincoln Cosby | 2027 | 6’9” Wing | Game Elite 15U

Yet another young star has emerged in the 15U ranks in Lincoln Cosby, who was one of the most unique and intriguing players on the circuit, regardless of class. He moves tremendously well at 6’9” – with his fluidity, flexibility, and speed especially standing out. The foundation of his physical tools, along with his advanced handle and footwork, make him a big creator unlike any other. He was at his best as a slasher, consistently beating his man off the dribble and showing off an array of counters and a willingness to attack contact at the rim. That being said, he has undeniable three-level scoring upside, and the tools to be a great defender, so he’ll be a name to watch for years to come.

Oswin Erhunmwunse | 2025 | 6’10” Big | BABC 17U

Erhunmwunse continues to be one of the most eye-popping athletes in 3SSB and uses his physical tools to make his presence known in the paint on both ends. Defensively, he made an undeniable impact with his ability to alter, deflect, and even catch shots from opponents, averaging 2.4 blocks per game. Time and again, he seemed to fly in out of nowhere for emphatic blocks as a weak-side rim protector. He also made a case for himself as the best rebounder of the weekend, pacing the 17U group with an astounding 13.4 RPG. He showed a great motor and a tremendous ability to track balls in the air, and his sky-high vertical took his rebounding over the top. Offensively, he is an opportunistic scorer around the basket and brings an extra dimension to BABC’s attack as a premier lob threat.

Zachary Foster | 2025 | 6’3” Guard | Atlanta Celtics 17U

Foster was one of the more versatile and well-rounded guards of the weekend as he continues to be a key piece on both ends for the Celtics. A lot of his offensive value lies in his ability to play with or without the ball in his hands; he’s a good off-ball mover, can shoot off the dribble or off the catch, and he has some real live-dribble playmaking chops. He also attacked the rim well with his quick first step and touch from the floater range and in, all while averaging 2.2 steals per game with his quick hands, too.

Aaron Glass | 2025 | 6’3” Guard | Dream Vision 17U

Glass, the second-leading scorer of Session II, absolutely lit the nets on fire in Hoover and showed that he can get buckets in a variety of ways. Above all else, his prowess as a tough shotmaker who can score with both efficiency and volume was on full display. He also possesses some great pace and craft with the ball in his hands, keeping the defense on its toes and helping him get to his spots. While his versatile shotmaking stole the show, keep an eye on his counters attacking the rim and his budding creativity as a passer.

Winters Grady | 2025 | 6’7” Wing | Jalen Green Elite 17U

While he continues to live up to his reputation as a shooting specialist, Grady showed that there’s more to his game, all while helping lead Jalen Green Elite in an undefeated weekend. as a shooter, he impressed with his range off the catch and his ability to make off-balance shots in the midrange. Beyond that, he showed a promising mix of nuance, craft, and toughness scoring inside the arc, making him a real scoring threat from all over the floor, both on and off the ball. As he continues to tap into this aspect of the game, his value is set to increase exponentially.

Amir Jenkins | 2026 | 6’2” Guard | BABC 16U

Amir Jenkins showed that he is able to unlock so much for the entire BABC offense in a way that very few guards can. He has an advanced handle and a great change of speeds, but his creativity and vision are what truly differentiate him. He has an innate ability to manipulate the defense with his eyes, head fakes, and body language and then capitalize both creating for himself and others. His BABC teammates were the beneficiaries of a seemingly constant stream of innovative and incisive passing deliveries from Jenkins, but he also kept the defense honest with the threat of his slashing. Defensively, he played hard, stuck with his man well, and started a lot of fast breaks with his quick instincts.

Malachi Moreno | 2025 | 7’0” Big | Indiana Elite 17U

Being one of the most efficient scorers, dominant shotblockers, and indomitable rebounders is a great way to make a name for yourself, and that’s exactly what Malachi Moreno did this weekend. Averaging 15 PPG on 67.3% from the field, along with 2.8 BPG and 8.6 RPG, he imposed his huge frame well and led the charge for Indiana Elite on both ends as they remained undefeated. Offensively, he thrived in the post, using his strength to carve out space and his touch to convert efficiently, while processing the floor quickly to find cutters and open shooters.Few players showed the knack he had for tracking the ball down on both ends, as well as the soft hands to secure the ball reliably. Defensively, his presence in the paint was tangible, as evidenced by his many blocks, while also altering plenty of shots beyond those that he got a hand on.

Braylon Mullins | 2025 | 6’5” Wing | Indiana Elite 17U

Mullins was another key piece for Indiana Elite, making a difference any way he could as the team went 5-0 in Session II. His continued high-volume hot shooting set up the rest of his game,shooting 47% from deep on 6.8 attempts per game. He leveraged his shooting gravity well, attacking closeouts with surprising shift and craft. Once he got downhill, he could attack the rim with real aggression and athleticism, use his touch to tap into his floater game, or read the defense to find his open teammates. His timing and activity as a cutter, seizing opportunities to break the defense down off the ball and capitalize on openings, was also high level. On top of all that, he brought a high activity level to the glass and the defensive end.

David “Bo” Ogden | 2026 | 6’6” Wing | ASAK 17U

Ogden continues to make a name for himself as one of the better and more confident players in 17U, which is made all the more impressive since he is playing up with this ASAK group. He’s a gritty, strong, and smooth-shooting wing that leaves everything he has on the floor and averaged 17.6 PPG. Whether he’s running around off screens or getting to his spots off the dribble, he poses a major threat with his shot, especially given his positional height. He also attacks contact and has real guile as a ball handler, which was seen most notably in his ability to get to the line 16 times in his final game of the weekend. While he was drawing the attention of the opposing defense at all times, he was also defending opposing wings and forwards well and averaged 1.8 SPG.

Gene Roebuck III | 2027 | 6’5” Wing | Dream Vision 16U

Roebuck is another stud playing up, setting himself apart as a star in the 16U circuit, despite being younger than most of his competition. Coming off a sensational freshman season, he is quickly establishing himself as one of the top young players in the nation. He has a strong frame, excellent deceleration, and great balance, but his skill and feel are what set him apart. He used his handle, pace and ingenuity with the ball in his hands to get downhill seemingly at will and once he got there, he consistently finished through contact, while showing a strong understanding of how to use his body to protect the ball from rim protectors. He’s also a high-level passer who reads the floor quickly and can make a variety of reads. He’s no slouch as a shooter, either, as highlighted by his best moment of the weekend, which was a buzzer-beating contested stepback fadeaway triple to send his game against Mass Rivals to OT.

Joson Sanon | 2025 | 6’6” Wing | BABC 17U

Sanon may have been the most consistently dominant player offensively in the entirety of Session II, leading 17U in scoring with 27.6 PPG. Above all else, his shotmaking – both from the midrange and from beyond the arc – was nothing short of elite. He rises high on his jumpshots, with his release point well beyond the reach of any defenders. He also is extremely comfortable shooting off movement and off balance, which let BABC use him both on and off the ball. His confidence is steadily growing with the ball in his hands, too, as he’s showing an improving ability to get to his spots and attack downhill. He also got to the FT line 5.2 times per game and was incredibly efficient on those trips, shooting 88.5% there. If he keeps up this sheer offensive dominance, while continuing to grow on the ball, he can help take BABC far.

Moustapha Thiam | 2025 | 7’0” Big | Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U

Thiam made a strong case for himself as one of the most impactful two-way players around, scoring 14.4 PPG on 69.6% from the field, while leading 17U in blocks per game with a whopping 3.8. Put simply, he is one of the most impactful and versatile rim protectors on any circuit. His blend of length and fluidity at his size allow him to defend in space, slide with smaller players, and protect the rim at a high level. He started the weekend off with an iconic defensive showing with five blocks and four steals, giving us a look into just how dominant he can be on that end when everything is clicking. Offensively, he is on a promising growth curve, with his floor-stretching, touch around the rim and early signs of passing standing out.

Sebastian Wilkins | 2026 | 6’8” Forward | Mass Rivals 17U

Another in a short-but-strong list of players exceeding expectations while playing up, Wilkins put on yet another standout showing this weekend. He was a force on both ends, averaging 15.8 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 1.6 BPG, and 1 SPG. He was the anchor for a formidable Mass Rivals defense, showing that he can compete with players bigger than him, stay in front of smaller players, protect the rim at a high level, and blow plays up from help. Offensively, he thrives attacking the basket, using his handle, footwork, and physicality to consistently find angles to get to the rim and often get to the line. The biggest development for him on that end, however, was his progression as a shooter. He took 5.8 threes per game and converted at a promising 37.9% clip.

Additional Standouts

Matthew Able – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Davion Adkins – Southern Assault 16U, Ben Ahmed – BABC 17U, Latrell Allmond – Team Loaded VA 17U, Nate Ament – Team Loaded VA 17U, Aiden Argabright – New World 17U, Martay Barnes – Austin Rivers SE Elite 16U, Alex Barther II – Southern Assault 16U, Brandon Bass, Jr. – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Bruce Branch III – Compton Magic 16U, Devin Brown – Power 5 17U, Nikola Bundalo – Wildcat Select 17U, Isaac Carr – Jalen Green Elite 17U, Yohance Connor – Team Loaded VA 16U, Korie Corbett – Upward Stars 16U, Jalen Davis – Beauchamp Elite 15U, Deshawn Dillon – Houston Raptors 15U, Moustapha Diop – Game Elite 16U, Aiden Disu – ASAK 17U, Kirby Duran – Team Loaded VA 15U, Alexander Egbuonu – BABC 16U, Eli Ellis – Team Loaded VA 17U, Cameron Elwer – Midwest Basketball Club 16U, Luke Ertel – Indiana Elite 17U, Damon Friery – Wildcat Select 17U, Jason Gardner, Jr. – Indiana Elite 15U, King Gibson – Team Loaded NC 15U, Brayson Green – Mass Rivals 17U, Manny Green – Atlanta Celtics 16U, Donyierick “DJ” Hall – Southern Assault 17U, Jacob Hammond – Brookwood Elite 17U, Ryan Hampton – Game Elite 15U, Troy Henderson – Team Loaded VA 17U, Jalin Holland – Utah Prospects 17U, Braxton Keathley – Midwest Basketball Club 15U, Taylen Kinney – Wildcat Select 16U, Ryan Kreager – D1 Minnesota 16U, Flory Kuminga – Upward Stars 15U, Colben Landrew – Game Elite 16U, Joshua Leonard – Upward Stars 16U, Cam Miles – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Neiko Mundey – New World 16U, Ebuka Okorie – BABC 17U, Collins Chidera Onyejiaka – BABC 16U, Jordan Page – Garner Road 15U, Josiah Parker – Game Elite 17U, Cody Peck – Garner Road 16U, Antonio Pemberton – Mass Rivals 17U, Elijah Perryman – Team Lillard 17U, Jaylen Petty – Dream Vision 17U, Christopher Portela – Compton Magic 16U, Lee Robinson – ETG Midwest 15U, Silas Rodriguez – ASAK16U, Lawrence Sanford – Upward Stars 17U, Ethan Sheats – ASAK 16U, Lorenzo Shields –Team Rose 17U, Trent Sisley – Indiana Elite 17U, Alex Smith – Midwest Basketball Club 16U, Elton Smith, Jr. – Upward Stars 16U, Jamyn Sondrup – Utah Prospects 16U, John Southwick – Utah Prospects 17U, Jacob Spurlock – Indiana Elite 16U, Jordan Tillery – Team Loaded NC 17U, Tyus Thomas – Dream Vision 16U, Landon Vanderwarker – Midwest Basketball Club 17U, Myles Walker – Compton Magic 17U, Jacob Webber – ETG Midwest 16U, Gabe Weis – Wildcat Select 16U, Christian Wiggins – D1 Minnesota 16U, Jalan Wingfield – Anthony Edwards 5 17U

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