3SSB Boys Session III – Bryan, TX

The lights were bright in Bryan, TX as college coaches poured in to take in 3SSB Session III action during the first live period of 2024. Top teams continued their dominance, while other squads made their case. Plenty of players made headlines and saw their stock skyrocket. College coaches were buzzing and plenty of new offers were earned. As the regular season comes to a close, we witnessed the most exciting weekend yet this year. The best of the best will be headed off to Eurocamp next week to compete against top talent from around the world. While the usual stars – as mentioned after Session I and Session II – continued to shine, we want to dedicate some time to highlight some more of the incredible talent that’s been on display through the first three sessions. If we’ve learned one thing threes sessions into 3SSB play, it’s that there is an abundance of talent on display, and here are some of the biggest guys making a name for themselves that we haven’t highlighted yet:

Aiden Argabright | 2025 | 6-0 Guard | New World 17U

Argabright has steadily been one of the most prolific scorers three sessions in and is, pound for pound, one of the best sources of offense in 17U. His ability to warrant the defense’s attention just as much with or without the ball in his hands may be unmatched. He is an uber versatile shooter, using his quick trigger and ability to square his body off any movement to almost always be a threat to get a shot up. He also moves great without the ball, which opens him up for looks. When he’s on the ball, he is quick, bursty, and creative with his handle to set himself up. He has a real knack for decelerating into pull-up jumpers, but is also aggressive attacking the rim and is a capable passer, so he really keeps the defense honest.

Yohance Connor | 2026 | 6-3 Guard | Team Loaded VA 16U

Few guards boast the combination of skill, explosiveness and toughness that Connor brings to the table. He is lethal while attacking the basket, especially when he gets a head of steam. He has some burst to get downhill, is incredibly aggressive attacking contact, and has an electrically athletic and acrobatic finishing package at the rim. Due to this, as well as his wiggle with the ball in his hands, he is an especially great threat in transition and as a slasher. Beyond that, he’s also been super efficient as a shooter, particularly off the catch. His ability to provide value on and off the ball is key to the success of this Team Loaded group. Beyond all that, he is a ferocious defender, who takes his assignments personally.

Junior County | 2026 | 6-5 Guard | Utah Prospects 16U

County does an excellent job of striking a balance between being an advanced playmaker, a steady decision-maker and a two-way presence. He has good size for a guard and is quite a dynamic mover, which he leverages especially well to get downhill and operate as an adept slasher. He is hard to contain when he has a head of steam, but also operates with real patience, reading the defense well while on the move. His passing is also a real standout trait, whether he’s throwing creative dimes out of his drives, or making decisive reads as a connective passer. As big of a contributor as he is on the offensive end, he is also a disciplined defender who can halt his assignment in their tracks.

Kirby Duran | 2027 | 6-1 Guard | Team Loaded VA 15U

Duran is a young lead guard that can both pick a defense apart with his playmaking and also punish them with his sharpshooting and excellent touch. It is rare to see someone so young capable of doing both with the levels of consistency and poise he possesses. He leverages his handle, footwork, and pacing in the pick-and-roll to get to his spots time and time and is an absolute inferno with his jumper, particularly off the dribble. His vision makes a big difference, too, as he can make a wide variety of reads and processes the floor well. That being said, what takes his playmaking to that near-elite status is his seeming ambidexterity, combined with his proficiency as a live-dribble passer.

Alexander Egbuonu | 2026 | 6-6 Wing | BABC 16U

When talking about some of the top young shooters this spring, we would be remiss not to mention Egbuonu, who has had plenty of strong shot-making performances through the first three sessions. He’s a unique shooter, given his strong build and long arms, which makes him all the more valuable. He’s got a quick, effortless stroke with minimal dip and is confident shooting a wide variety of shots, whether they are off the dribble or off the catch. His floor-spacing opens up a lot for BABC, and for his own ability to attack the basket. He’s used his strength and counters attacking the basket to be super efficient there. On top of all this, he also plays with a hot motor at all times, even when other elements of his game aren’t clicking.

Jason Gardner, Jr. | 2027 | 6-1 Guard | Indiana Elite 15U

There are few abilities more valuable on the basketball court than the ability to consistently create advantages and capitalize when doing so, but Gardner already does so seemingly at will. He has the handle, footwork, and screen manipulation to get a step on his defender and the lightning-quick burst to leave them in the dust once he gets that slight edge. He is fearless attacking the rim, advanced both in his ability to initiate contact and protect the ball using his body. He finishes well and gets to the line constantly, but he’s also excellent at leveraging his gravity as a driver to find open shooters and cutters.

Manny Green | 2026 | 6-6 Forward | Atlanta Celtics 16U

If you’re looking for players with all the physical tools to succeed, Green seems to check box after box. He has a chiseled 6-6 frame with wide shoulders and long arms, while also being a fluid mover and explosive vertical athlete. He combines power, length and agility and applies these physical traits well on both ends of the court. Defensively, he is an elite event generator, racking up both steals and blocks. Whether he is operating as a weakside rim protector, covering a variety of positions, or hustling back for big transition defense plays, Green is a force to be reckoned with on this end of the court. He also has shown off an intriguing pull-up jumper, some fun passing reads and a dominant resilience on the glass.

Taylen Kinney | 2026 | 6-1 Guard | Wildcat Select 16U

Despite operating in a deep guard rotation for Wildcat Select, Kinney seems to always find a way to make a difference; he is a real threat regardless of his usage and can leave his imprint on the game whether he’s used as a primary handler or operating off the ball. He is a creative, manipulative ballhandler who uses his tight handle and change of speeds to get to his spots over and over again. He also has a lot of confidence in his shot and often capitalizes if the defense gives him any space to get one up. He supplements his scoring prowess with real ingenuity as a passer, particularly out of his drives.

Cam Miles | 2025 | 6-2 Guard | Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U

Miles is part of a select group of guards that set themselves apart in their ability to play with or without the ball, as well as their high caliber of play on both ends of the floor. He is often tasked with defending the best perimeter player on the opposing team, and he seems to take pride in giving them as much trouble as possible. He plays with a real edge on that end and is a strong defender, both on and off the ball. On the offensive end, he brings a lot of versatility. He is a smart decision maker and a creative passer, who sees reads others might not. He has a versatile jumpshot, gets downhill well, and keeps the defense honest with a promising floater game. As good as he is playing on the ball, he is also great at making an impact without it, too.

Josiah Parker | 2025 | 6-7 Forward | Game Elite 17U

There may not be a more outside-the-box – yet consistently and incredibly impactful – player than Parker. He plays such a key role and checks so many boxes for Game Elite, supporting and elevating their group as a whole. His value prop revolves around his leadership, feel, and versatile skillset. He is a great communicator, acting almost as a coach on the floor. Offensively, his passing pops out above all else. He is innovative and decisive, picking apart the defense with reads that many might not even recognize. He also can operate as a driver, out of the mid-post and as a spot-up threat. In general, he also just looks to make a difference however he can, be it as a rebounder, defender, creator, or connector.

Cody Peck | 2026 | 6-10 Forward | Garner Road 16U

We can’t say there are too many players out there as intriguing long-term as Cody Peck. Beginning with his tools alone, he has a long frame, intriguing fluidity, and surprising explosiveness as a vertical leaper. He’s shown he can get up and throw it down with authority, but also has flashed some tremendous ambidextrous touch, both around the rim and beyond floater range. Defensively, his tools give him a pretty tantalizing upside. He is able to stick in space with smaller players and use his length to blow up passing lanes and protect the rim. On top of all that, he plays hard and is a gifted rebounder.

Jaylen Petty | 2025 | 6-0 Guard | Dream Vision 17U

Few players differentiated themselves this weekend quite like Petty. He was tied as the second-leading scorer with 27.0 PPG on a ridiculous clip (66.7 FG%; 52% 3P%). The quick, bursty guard gets downhill and finishes surprisingly well at the rim, but he also has an excellent counter with his pull-up jumper; he is a tremendous vertical athlete and leverages that to rise far above the defense for his release point. He is incredibly creative at leveraging his vertical pop as a passer, weaponizing jump passes to manipulate the defense with regularity. He also very evidently takes pride on the defensive end, harassing opposing ballhandlers and even bringing surprising prowess as a shot blocker. 

Jonathan Sanderson | 2026 | 6-3 Guard | Wildcat Select 16U

Sanderson is a real handful for the defense to deal with, playing well off of and elevating a very talented Wildcat Select roster this weekend. He is an undeniable tone-setter with his shooting, stretching the defense and attracting their attention with or without the ball in his hands. He has a smooth, repeatable stroke with extremely deep range and is just as good pulling up off the dribble as he is off the catch. Beyond the threat of his pull-up jumper, he also has some stop-start ability, shift, and screen manipulation to set himself up. He’s shown touch with both hands from all three levels, making him a dangerous self creator. Further, he’s shown the foundation of an intriguing knack for improvisation as a passer.

Tyus Thomas | 2026 | 5-11 Guard | Dream Vision 16U

Thomas may be one of the most dynamic creators on the circuit, regardless of level. The sturdy southpaw generates looks for himself and others in a variety of ways, while also being a notably reliable decision maker. He boasts elite vision and creativity as a passer, which he has shown he can tap into in a variety of scenarios. He also has a tight handle and real suddenness with the ball in his hands, as well as some standout physicality for a guard. He has deep range, both off the bounce and off the catch, and is great at punishing defenders for respecting his shot. He’s displayed some real talent with his floater game, can get to the basket, and is great at baiting the defense into fouls.

Jordan Tillery | 2025 | 6-6 Wing | Team Loaded NC 17U

Three sessions in, Tillery has been a force of a two-way player, consistently showing the ability to give this Team Loaded squad a spark on either end in key moments. Everything starts for him on the defensive end, where he’s proven he can really sit down and defend any position along the perimeter. Beyond that, he’s a threat in the passing lanes and has the feel on this end to patch holes with his rotations off the ball. Offensively, his ability to attack the basket is a real game-changer. He gets downhill seemingly at will and is extremely aggressive initiating contact, both to athletically finish through it, and to draw fouls at an exorbitant rate. On top of that, he’s shown off some intriguing shot-making from the mid-range and beyond the arc.

Additional Standouts

Ray Adams – Dream Vision 17U, Davion Adkins – Southern Assault 16U, Amari Allen – Power 5 17U, Ikenna Alozie – Utah Prospects 17U, Nate Ament – Team Loaded VA 17U, Bryson Bahl – ETG Midwest 17U, Martay Barnes – Austin Rivers SE Elite 16U, Brandon Bass, Jr. – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Jamarion Batemon – Power 5 17U, Chandler Bing – Anthony Edwards 5 17U, Darius Bivins – Washington Warriors 17U, Bruce Branch III – Compton Magic 16U, Dezmon Briscoe – Indiana Elite 17U, Artavian “Bubba” Brown – Game Elite 15U, Devin Brown – Power 5 17U, Mikel Brown, Jr. – Team Loaded NC 17U, Daniel Buggs III – Anthony Edwards 5 16U, Nikola Bundalo – Wildcat Select 17U, Chamberlain Burgess – Utah Prospects 17U, Terrion Burgess – Arkansas Hawks 17U, Isaac Carr – Jalen Green Elite 17U, Eric Chatfield, Jr. – Anthony Edwards 5 17U, Jalyn Collingwood – New World 16U, Lincoln Cosby – Game Elite 15U, Jyi Dawkins – Garner Road 16U, Caden Deffebaugh – Team Trae Young 16U, Deshawn Dillon – Houston Raptors 15U, Moustapha Diop – Game Elite 16U, Aiden Disu – ASAK 17U, Bryce Dixon – Team Trae Young 16U, Greg Dunson, Jr. – Atlanta Celtics 16U, Obinna Ekezie – Team Lillard 16U, Cameron Elwer – Midwest Basketball Club 16U, Oswin Erhunmwunse – BABC 16U, Akai Fleming – Atlanta Celtics 17U, Zachary Foster – Atlanta Celtics 17U, Damon Friery – Wildcat Select 17U, Chase Geremia – BABC 16U, King Gibson – Team Loaded NC 15U, Aaron Glass III – Dream Vision 17U, Winters Grady – Jalen Green Elite 17U, Brayson Green – Mass Rivals 17U, Zion Gross – Team Rose 17U, Donyierick “DJ” Hall – Southern Assault 17U, Lamont Hamilton – Power 5 16U, Jacob Hammond – Brookwood Elite 17U, Ryan Hampton – Southern Assault 15U, Joseph Hartman – Austin Rivers SE Elite 16U, Braydon Hawthorne – Phenom United 17U, Jalin Holland – Utah Prospects 17U, La’Todd Holman, Jr. – Indiana Elite 15U, Caleb Holt – Game Elite 17U, Sinan Huan – Austin Rivers SE Elite 16U, Dothan Ijadimbola – D1 Minnesota 16U, Ty Ingram – Dream Vision 16U, Jeremiah Jackson – Indiana Elite 16U, Brennen Jefferson – Garner Road 15U, Amir Jenkins – BABC 16U, Payton Jones – Houston Raptors 15U, Tylis Jordan – Game Elite 17U, Braxton Keathley – Midwest Basketball Club 15U, Warren Keel – Mass Rivals 17U, Gene Keith III – Anthony Edwards 5 16U, Mason Klabo – D1 Minnesota 17U, Braydon Langston – Game Elite 15U, Joshua Leonard – Upwards Stars 16U, Josh Lowery – Compton Magic 15U, Isaiah Mack-Russell – Phenom United 15U, Kaden Magwood – Team Loaded VA 17U, Jason Mandaquit, Jr. – Compton Magic 17U, Malachi Moreno – Indiana Elite 17U, Braylon Mullins – Indiana Elite 17U, Neiko Mundey – New World 16U, Milak Myatt – K-Low Elite 16U, Elias Obenyah – Team Lillard 16U, Bo Ogden – ASAK 17U, Godson Okokoh – Brookwood Elite 16U, Ebuka Okorie – BABC 17U, Collins Chidera Onyejiaka – BABC 16U, Adam Oumiddoch – Team Loaded VA 16U, Jordan Page – Garner Road 15U, Jalyn Patterson – JSizzles 17U, Sequel Patterson – Team Loaded VA 15U, Koa Peat – Compton Magic 17U, Darryn Peterson – Phenom United 17U, Steven Reynolds III – Phenom United 16U, Caleb Roberts – Brookwood Elite 17U, Kellen Robinson – Arkansas Hawks 17U, Silas Rodriguez – ASASK 16U, Gene Roebuck III – Dream Vision 16U, Jacob Ross – Team Loaded VA 17U, Dean Rueckert – Utah Prospects 16U, Kameron Sanders – Phenom United 17U, Lawrence Sanford – Atlanta Celtics 17U, Joson Sanon – BABC 17U, Sader Servilus – Brookwood Elite 17U, Dillan Shaw – Compton Magic 17U, Ethan Sheats – ASAK 16U, Ashton Shewell – Utah Prospects 15U, Alex Smith – Midwest Basketball Club 16U, Gan-Erdene Solongo – Wildcat Select 16U, John Southwick – Utah Prospects 17U, Reggie Stevens, Jr. – Team Rose 15U, Moustapha Thiam – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Anthony Thompson – Indiana Elite 16U, Chase Thompson – D1 Minnesota 17U, Lucas Toukam – Compton Magic 16U, Joshua Tyson – Phenom United 15U, Jaeden Udean – D1 Minnesota 15U, Tyler Wagner – D1 Minnesota 17U, Taj Walters – New York Wiz Kids 17U, Aiden Wanrow – Utah Prospects 15U, Jacob Webber – ETG Midwest 17U, Gabe Weis – Wildcat Select 16U, Davier White – Indiana Elite 15U, Sebastian Wilkins – Mass Rivals 17U, Isaac Williamson – Compton Magic 17U, Dwayne Wimbley, Jr. – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U 

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