2024 ADIDAS Girls 3SSB Session II Recap

NORMAN, Oklahoma – The second session of the adidas 3SSB League set the table for the Palmetto Road Championships in Rock Hill, South Carolina in July.

After two complete league stops only two unbeaten teams remain in the 17U Division with Team Lex Nation (TX) and Team Trae Young (OK) running the gauntlet.  In the 16U Division AEBL, Elevate Elite and ETG Midwest remain undefeated, while ETG ran the table in 15U as well.

In a terrific spring the ETG Midwest program went and impressive 23-1.

The season has set up Championship and Classic Divisions for 17U and 16U and a 32-team Championship bracket for the 15U Division.

One of the highlights of Session II in the beautify YAC Center in Norman, Oklahoma, was the individual player matchups.

Oliviyah Edwards (2026-WA) is one of the nation’s top players, regardless of class, and physically a matchup nightmare.  Her NW Greyhounds (WA) had a showdown with Elevate Elite (VA) and it was a battle.  Elevate Elite had the duo of Kylie Torrence (2025-NC) and a healthy Logyn Greer (2025-MD) to throw at her.  The length, quickness and willingness to really defend forced Edwards to dig deep in her bag and come up with maybe her best game of the spring, given the opposition.  Edwards’ team lost a tight contest but in just 28 minutes she scored 27 points on 8-14 shooting from the floor and perfect 10-10 from the free-throw line. To have that type of efficiency against two Power 4 level frontcourt players who played well is why she’s considered a top five player, nationally.

If the Pac-12 had survived, the Hailee Swain (2025-GA) and Janiyah Williams (2025-OK) matchup would have been a preview of college showdowns beginning next year with them committed to Stanford and Oregon, respectively.  Swain and Team Elite would win the day but the competition forced both players to lock as both were working to secure a Top 24 finish.  Swain finished with 21 points and 4 assists while Williams finished with 14 points and 7 rebounds.  Both led their teams in scoring and led their teams to a championship division spot in July’s Palmetto Championships in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Session I Standouts

Oliviyah Edwards | 2026 | 6’ 3” Forward | NW Greyhounds | Undecided
Sit and watch Edwards with your eyes and you see the star in the making with a limitless potential.  Then you grab the box score and see you’re not waiting on production.  She is averaging a double-double with 18.5 points and 10.3 rebounds per game.  That’s impressive at face value but her efficiency is scary with the 59-pecent shooting overall and she’s starting to shoot the three now too.  She’s a problem.

Emilee Skinner | 2025 | 6’0” | Utah Lady Prospects | Undecided
Skinner was back in good health and full speed after a tough April.  The result was a 3-1 weekend and a spot in the championship division in July.  She averaged 17.5 points  and 6 rebounds per game in Session II while facing the focus of every defense she went up against.

Nina Cain | 2025 | 6’ 2” Forward | JBS | Undecided
Cain has been a double-double machine all season but her 32-point, 14-rebound game, a win over CFE set the high mark for Session II. She finished the session second in scoring (20.5) and first in rebounding (10.5).

Keziah Lofton | 2025 | 6’ 0” Guard | Team Trae Young | Oklahoma
Lofton is one of the most consistent performers in Session II and she contributes in so many areas of the game. Her 17 points and 9.3 rebounds per game in Norman speak volumes and then you realize she’s often tasked with locking down the opponents best player regardless of position.

Colleen Phiri | 2025 | 5’11” Wing | Mass Rivals | Undecided
You don’t want to let Phiri get 10 toes to the rim without a hand up as she was lights out in Norman, shooting 7 of 11 from beyond the arc for a Session II high of 63.6-percent.  That averages out to 1.9 points per attempt.  Her play helped Mass Rivals to a 2-2 record and a 4-seed in the 3SSB Palmetto Road Championships

McKenzie Mathurin | 2025 | 5’ 10” Guard | Team Trae Young | Undecided
Mathurin turned her already impressive scoring up a notch in the second session.  She had a 30-piece special in a game against United Family that would lock her team as a No. 1 seed in this summer’s 3SSB Palmetto Championships. She led all of Session II in scoring.

Keely Parks | 2025 | 5’ 11” Guard | Team Lex Nation | Undecided
Parks has averaged more than 14.4 points per game across all eight league games and she’s become one of the better rebounding lead guards.  She’s also one you can rely on for timely defensive plays in big games.

Rieyan DeSouze | 2026 | 5’ 7” Point Guard | Team Trae Young | Undecided
You can’t get bored with consistency or you’ll overlook one of the best pure point guards in the country here. Consistently creating scoring opportunities for your teammates is an art mastered by few and bringing value to the game beyond scoring is a big reason Team Trae Young went undefeated this season.

Kamora Pruitt | 2026 | 6’2” Forward | Team Lex Nation
Pruitt missed Session I recovering from an injury, returning in Norman and looking relatively rust free.  Seeing her pull rebounds off the rim, start the break and finish on the other end said to the league, ‘she’s back’. Her ability to score in the middle third makes her team that much harder to guard.

Skylar Durely | 2025 | 5’ 8” Guard | Team Moriah Jefferson | Undecided
In Session II Durley exploded and provided the 1-2 punch with Taylor Barnes that would elevate Team Moriah Jefferson to win their pool and grab a 1-seed in Rock Hill.  She was tied for 5th in scoring in Norman at 18 points per game while also finishing 11th in rebounding.  If she continues this, having increased her production in every statistical category, at the 3SSB Palmetto Road Championships, her team will be one of the favorites to cut down nets. 

Eve Long | 2027 | 6’3” Forward | Team Lex Nation | Undecided
Long doesn’t have the prototypical post size and that’s fine because that’s not her position anyways.  Yes she works the offensive glass, executes in the high-low action, hits short corner jumpers, sets up seals on the block and makes those plays.  But her speed and length make her a phenomenal rim-runner but she can also get out and fill a wing in transition. She gives her team solutions and mismatches.

Ariyana Cradel | 2026 | 5’ 7” Guard | United Family | Undecided
As Cradel goes, so to does United Family.  In Session she was locked in all four games and in Session II we got to see her work out of a tough start and her ability to do that is why her squad went 3-1 and secured 2ndplace in their pool.  She’s one of the top guards in the class and she handles that pressure well.  She had a terrific final game against AEBL scoring 23 points, grabbing 6 rebounds and dishing out 3 assists in a win that locked up a 2-seed.

Kylie Torrence | 2025 | 6’ 1” Forward | Elevate Elite | Boston College
The last three games of Session II Torrence averaged 14.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.3 steals per game.  Really solid numbers. But her value is in everything else she brings to her team.  She brings instant energy and her presence in the lane impacts the opposition.

Meredith Tippner | 2025 | 5’ 10” Guard | Indiana Elite | Undecided
In one of the biggest matchups of the weekend, vs Team Lex Nation, Tippner went blow-for-blow.  She finished with 20 points, 9 rebounds and on the other end of the floor was chasing guards around one possession and trying to keep Long and Pruitt of the glass the next.

Aubrey Galvan | 2025 | 5’ 6” Point Guard | Full Package | Undecided
Galvan is a sparkplug for her Full Package team that finished the regulars season 6-2 and a 3-seed heading into Rock Hill.  She’s one of the league’s top scorers again in Session II with a 20.3 points average but she really sets the pace and tone for her team and that’s what makes her special.

Brooklyn Stewart | 2025 | 6’ 2” Forward | Hardwood Elite | Undecided
With teammate Sienna Betts gone at USA U18 trials, Stewart had a bigger burden of holding down the paint and more.  She scored 22 points in their first game against Upwards Stars then against Minnesota Stars dished out 8 assists, from the post position.  She can contribute in so many ways.

Quinn Vansickle | 2025 | 5’ 8” Guard | Hardwood Elite | Undecided
Vansickle elevated her game to help keep the Hardwood Elite machine going without Betts as well.  She went 7-10 from 3-point range in a big win over Minnesota Stars then went 6-12 to finish off Session II in a win against Always 100.

Amani Jenkins | 2025 | 6’ 2” Forward | ETG Midwest | Undecided
ETG Midwest can beat you a lot of different ways but a big part of it is the efficiency and consistency of Jenkins.  She finished Session II among the best in field goal percentage, forcing teams to pick their poison because doubling her is going to leave countless shooters open.

Amayah Garcia | 2026 | 5’ 11” Guard | Team Lex Nation | Undecided
The kid they call “Sunshine” may not have the fanfare of some kids in the 2026 class but she makes winning plays.  She can sit down and defend at a high level which is how she helped lift her team past Indiana Elite on an off shooting game.

Kaity Haan | 2025 | 6’ 0” Forward | META Hoops | Undecided 
With teammate Brynn McGaughey at USA U18 trials, and Emmi Swillie out with injury, there was a lot of pressure on Haan. She stepped up, more than doubling her scoring from Session I and nearly doubling her rebounding.  This helped META squeeze into the top 24, even though they were short handed in the paint.

Madeline Stewart | 2026 | 5’ 9” Guard | Team Trae Young | Undecided 
There isn’t a wild box score to validate Stewart but if you watch Team Trae Young play, she’s the glue.  She’s that defensive rebound and quick outlet that triggers a scoring run.  She’s a frontcourt player you can run offense through to get guards going.  She has shown she can be whatever her teams needs, consistently.


Caliyah Devillasee (Elevate Elite | 2025) – “Lil Bit” as her teammates know her, is a major cog for an Elevate Elite team poised to make a run after finishing 7-1 in league play.  Her 16 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists were a big part of a huge win over the NW Greyhounds.  

Morghan Reckley (AEBL 16U | 2028) – The rising sophomore is an explosive difference maker for AEBL’s 16U squad.  She averaged 4.5 steals per game, impacting the game on both sides. 

Myah Epps (Always 100 16U | 2026) – Epps had college coaches full attention in Norman.  She gets in the lane both off the bounce as well as being a slashing cutter.

Aneisha Scott (Metro Stars | 2025) – Scott came out of the gates fast in Norman scoring 45 points on 56-percent shooting from the floor.  Her Metro Stars earned a 2-seed heading into Rock Hill.

Neleigh Gessert (ETG Midwest | 2025) – On one of the most balanced teams in 3SSB this year, Gessert is a big guard you have to account for at all times as she averaged nearly three 3-pointers made per game.

Kamora Moore (AEBL 16U | 2028) – Another young AEBL guard to keep an eye on.  In league play she’s scoring more than 18 per game while running the point position in fine fashion.

Paige Lofing (META Hoops | 2025) – Lofing stepped up big for META Hoops with leading scorer and rebounder Brynn McGaughy at USA U18 trials.  In a must win game versus AK Rivals, she scored 20 and chipped in 4 assists.

Ariella Henigan (M14Hoops | 2025) – Sometimes your shot just won’t fall and Henigan adjusted and got to the line where she didn’t’ miss a single free throw in Norman. She’s only missed two total in both sessions.

Asia Lee (Della Lamb | 2026) – Lee has led Della Lamb in scoring all season and she put her exclamation point on it, scoring 29 in the final game on 13 of 16 shooting in a win against META, which if they had lost could have cost them a spot in the championship this summer.

Jayla Stokes (Bay City | 2026) – When Bay City really needed a win in Norman, Stokes came up huge.  On the bubble to make the top 24 championship division this summer, she exploded for 18 points on 4 of 5 shooting behind the arc in a must-win victory over Utah Lady Prospects.

Amori Jarrett (Elevate Elite | 2025) – Jarrett was a completely new player at Session II.  Down two starters in Norman for much of the weekend Jarrett filled the void for Elevate in a big way, nearly tripling her scoring.

Adriana Robles (Texas LoneStar | 2025) – Robles continued her scoring onslaught but she turned up her rebounding and getting teammates buckets to another level, leading to a 6-3 overall finish and a 3-seed in Rock Hill.

Angelina Davorija (Full Package | 2025) – Davorija was one of the top scorers of Session II.  But her value is more than just scoring.  She had an impressive 7 steal performance in her team’s upset of Harwood Elite.

Sabrina Anderson (Elevate Elite | 2027) – In the 16U Division, Anderson continued to be one of the best scores in 3SSB and led Elevate Elite to an 8-0 finish in league play.

Ashely Knox (CFE | 2026) – With her backcourt teammate Sophia Munoz out with an injury Knox turned it up a notch in Norman and finished the weekend with a 22 point, 6 rebound performance in a big win over the Gauchos.

LiLi Bell (Minnesota Stars 16U | 2026) – Bell is skilled in the lane and has the ability to stretch the floor and shoot it.  She’s 2nd in scoring across all three age groups and helped her Minnesota Stars 16U team to a 5-3 finish in league play.

Nakhai Worthy (AEBL | 2027) – Looking ahead to the future you have to like what you see from Worthy. She’s a double-double waiting to happen and producing at the 17U level already.


Kolbi Brooks – Hoop Code 15U | Brittany Evans – Lady Push 15U | Loreial Murray | Lanelle Wright | Mason Quinn – META Hoops 16U | Sydney Doeschot – ETG Midwest 16U | DaKhari Blankumsee – United Family 15U | Aryanna Watson – AK Rivals 16U | Ashari Emuze – Gauchos 16U | Samantha Voll – Metro Stars 16U | Lanae Dallas – Lady Jets 15U


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