2024 ADIDAS Girls 3SSB Session I Recap

BRYAN, Texas – The 2024 3SSB Season is rolling.  Session I saw 33 3SSB programs and 87 3SGB teams take their first shot at qualifying for the Palmetto Road Championship in Rock Hill, South Carolina, this summer.  

In the 3SSB 17U Division, seven teams escaped Session I without a loss.  ETG Midwest, Indiana Elite Thunder, Team Lex Nation, Team Trae Young, United Family and the defending champions, Hardwood Elite, all started their seasons perfect.

In the 16U 3SSB Division four teams finished Session I undefeated – Elevate Elite, ETG Midwest, Lady PUSH and Minnesota Stars.  In the 15U Division just three teams managed Session I without a loss – ETG Midwest, Team Moriah Jefferson and Team Trae Young.

Team success is fueled by players making plays and here’s a look at some Session I standouts.

Sienna Betts | 2025 | 6’4” Post | Hardwood Elite 17U | UCLA 
Betts was simply dominant in every facet of the game for Hardwood.  She averaged 18.5 points, 12.0 rebounds, 6.0 assists, 4.0 blocks, 1.0 steals, while finishing 32-53 (.604) from the floor.  For context that’s first in 3SSB in rebounds and assists, 2nd in blocks, tied for third in field goal percentage and tied for fourth in scoring.  What’s even more impressive is that she did it for an undefeated team while not finishing in the top 30 for minutes played. There’s so much more value to her game than just statistics.  It’s not often you see a center being a primary press break option and a player that can calm an entire possession with her presence while being the focal point of opposing teams.  In two epic matchups against Elevate Elite and Northwest Greyhounds, against some of the circuit’s biggest stars, she played some of the best basketball we’ve seen from her.

Trinity Jones | 2026 | 6’1” Wing | M14Hoops | Undecided
Jones is one of the most dynamic players in the country and it showed throughout Session I.  Her 20.8 points, 8.0 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 3.0 steals proved to be one of the best lines of the weekend.  What is really impressive about Jones is the growth in her efficiency.  While she is a dominant perimeter player, M14Hoops got her countless easy touches around the basket during mismatches.  She was top 10 in assist-to-turnover ratio as well, a metric that is really telling given how important and how many touches she gets for her team.  Her perimeter shooting continues to improve, which is a scary thought given how explosive she is off the bounce and in transition.

Oliviyah Edwards | 2026 | 6’3” | Northwest Greyhounds | Undecided
To see Edwards embracing her ability to be physical is an exciting and scary thing to witness.  Statistically she was dominant.  She finished Session I averaging 19.0 points, 10.8 rebounds, 1.3 blocks per game, while matching Betts’ impressive .604 shooting from the floor.  While she showed some impressive face-up work, including shooting the three in transition, it was her ability to consistently score high percentage buckets that thrust Greyhounds into the discussion at the top of the 3SSB circuit this spring and summer.

McKenzie Mathurin | 2025 | 5’10” Guard | Team Trae Young | Nebraska
Mathruin lead the undefeated Team Trae Young squad in scoring with 13.3 points per game, which notched her a spot in the top 20 for Session I.  But she’s not getting mentioned her for her scoring, she’s proven she can do that over the last two summers.  Even though she’s an shooting guard, her team initiates a lot of offense though her with zipper action.  She showed she can make the read to feed the post, attack middle to drive, draw, dish and they run a slick backdoor lob play for Keziah Lofton that they trust Mathurin to use her size and touch to deliver the pass.

Aubrey Galvan | 2025 | 5’6” Point Guard | Full Package | Undecided
Galvan picked up right where she left off last season.  In helping lead Full Package to a 3-1 start in Session I, she averaged 18.5 points, 4.3 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 2.8 steals per game.   That production put her tied for fourth in scoring and tied for sixth in assists all while finishing in the top 15 in field goal percentage at .518.  Mind you this is all coming from a guard on the smaller side, making her efficiency all the more impressive and you see why DePaul, Illinois, Louisville, Minnesota, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, plus most of the Ivy League are tracking her.

Hailee Swain | 2025 | 5’11” Point Guard | Team Elite | Stanford
Swain has been a known commodity here for years.  Finding a point guard that can deliver 18.3 points and 5.0 rebounds per game is pretty unique.  It’s that rebounding that allows her to immediately start the break and put tremendous pressure on the defense in transition.  The lefty standout has really made significant strides in perimeter shooting.  For a guard that can get downhill at will to be shooing 35-percent from behind the arc puts the defense in a tough spot.

Brynn McGaughy | 2025 | 6’2” Forward | META Hoops | Undecided
McGaughy is one of just five players to average 13 points and 8 rebounds per game.  Her 14.8 scoring average is tied for 13th for all of Session I in 17U and her eight boards is tied for sixth in rebounding.  She’s a bouncy player that that find scoring angles in traffic, even against well positioned defenders.  That ability to elevate gets her to the free-throw line a lot, where she cashes in 83-percent of the time.  Her jump hook has become a real weapon that is nearly impossible to defend.

Meredith Tippner | 2025 | 5’10” Wing | Indiana Elite Thunder | Undecided
Tippner was tough as nails in Session I of 3SSB play.  Numbers aside she set the tone on Friday afternoon by defending one of the nation’s top guards, Emilee Skinner of Utah Prospects, and making everything hard and setting the tone for her team’s weekend.  She finished the weekend with a league-leading 3.75 steals per game.  But she does more than defend as she chipped in 17.8 points and 9.0 rebounds per game.  In the past the area needing some improvement was perimeter shooting and her 33-percent from beyond the arc shows she is on the right path.

Keely Parks | 2025 | 5’11” Guard | Team Lex Nation | Undecided
Parks was dialed in from long range during Session I of the 3SSB league season.  She was one make away from shooting 50-percent from distance.  She led Team Lex Nation to a perfect 4-0 record behind her 14.0 points, 4.8 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 2 steals per game.

Kylie Torrence | 2025 | 6’1” Forward | Elevate Elite | Boston College 
Torrance is a difference maker for a really balanced and deep Elevate Elite squad.  She led the team in scoring during Session I without leading the team in shot attempts.  Her 11.5 points and 5.8 rebounds per game were team bests but what stands out is the trust built with her teammates that she’s going to be in the right spot and convert that makes her such a factor.  She works the baseline, hunting for buckets.  From short-corner face-up attacks or jumpers to slashing behind the frozen help defense for bunnies, you know where to find her but stopping her is easier said than done.  Making it more difficult is her converting 14 of 17 free throw attempts.

Ariyana Cradel | 2026 | 5’7” Point Guard | United Family | Undecided
Cradel not only led all of 17U in scoring during Session I with 23.8 points per game, but she led United Family to a perfect 4-0 record.  That level of scoring with 5.3 rebounds per game, elite 3-point shooting (44%) and getting to the free-throw line 7.5 times per game makes for a dominant weekend. Add to her scoring production that she’s a willing defender with the ability to pressure the ball and showed good anticipation instincts and you see she impacts the game on both ends of the floor.  


Nora Ezike (M14Hoops | 2025) – The 6’2” forward was flying around making plays.  Notable: 13.5 PPG (18th).

Brynna Pukis (NW Greyhounds 17U | 2025) – This combo guard lit it up from beyond the arc and found paint touches off the bounce.  Notable: 4.3 3FGM (1st), .472 3FT% (14th).

Kawehi Borden (NW Greyhounds 17U | 2027) – While playing nearly every position on the floor, this 5’11” wing made a great first impression on the circuit. Notable: 6.8 RPG (T-15th)

Keziah Lofton (Team Trae Young 17U | 2025) – Lofton is an Oklahoma commit with a ton of versatility helping power an undefeated Session I. Notable: 10.3 PPG, 6.7 RPG (19th), 3 APG (T-15th).

Rieyan DeSouze (Team Trae Young 17U | 2026) – DeSouze is a craft creator that really thrives surrounded the depth of scorers. Notable: 5.0 APG (4th), 2.9 A:TO (1st).

Adriana Robles (Texas LoneStar 17U | 2025) – Robles was running the show for her squad.  She shot the three, got to the line a ton and doled out assists. Notable: 17.8 PPG (T-7th), 4.3 APG (T-6th), 1.2 A:TO (14th), 

Avery Gordon (Indiana Elite 17U | 2025 | Purdue) – Gordon’s presence in the paint helped Indiana Elite to a perfect 4-0 start at Session I. Notable: 15.0 PPG (12th), 6.5 RPG (T-20th)

Natalya Hodge (United Family 17U | 2026) – Hodge is relentless on the floor on both ends of the floor.  She pushes the pace. Notable: 15.5 PPG (T-10th), 3.5 SPG (T-3rd).

Nina Cain (JBS 17U | 2025) – You don’t expect your top shot blocker to be a 6’2” small forward but Cain didn’t get the memo.  She impacts with her length and smarts to be in the right spot. Notable: 3.8 BPG (1st), 7.8 RPG (8th).

Finley Chastain (Team Lex 17U | 2027) – Guards aren’t supposed to covert like Chastain did in Session I.  She finished top 15 from the floor and beyond the arc while playing all three perimeter positions. Notable: .478 3FG% (13th), 2.8 3FGM (7th).

Janiyah Williams (Lady Jets 17U | 2025 | Oregon) – Williams, an Oregon commit, knows you how to put defenders in jail.  She lives at the line and converts at a really high rate. Notable: 17.3 PPG (9th), .846 FT% (T-11th)

Paige Lofing (META Hoops 17U | 2025) – Lofing was one of the new players making a name for herself.  Her strong guard play led to a quick Colorado State offer after SessionI. Notable: 13.0 PPG (T-21st), .450 3FG%.

Ava Miles (Della Lamb 17U | 2026) – Miles has most of the Big Ten tracking her and her dynamic play led Della to a 3-1 Session I start. Notable: 13.0 PPG (T-21st), 6.5 RPG (T-20th), 2.5 SPG (T-15th)

Brooklyn Stewart (Hardwood Elite 17U | 2025) – Stewart is one of the biggest frontcourt risers in the class right now. Notable: 11.0 PPG, 7.3 RPG (T-10th), 3.0 BPG (4th).

Amani Jenkins (ETG Midwest 17U | 2025 | Marquette) – Jenkins was a force for ETG efficient play led her ETG squad to a 4-0 start. Notable: 15.5 PPG (T-10th), 6.3 RPG

Taylor Barnes (Team Moriah Jefferson 17U | 2025) – Barnes is an undersized swing forward who just knows how to get to her spots and draw contact. She scored 44-percent of her points at the line. Notable: 14.3 PPG (16th), .862 FT% (10th)


Sanai Green (Elevate Elite 17U | 2026) – 11.3 PPG, 5.3 RPG.

Zhykera Brown (Upward Stars | 2025) – 14.8 PPG (T-13th)

Aneisha Scott (Metro Stars 17U | 2025) 12.5 PPG (T-24th), 2.5 SPG (T-15th)

Samantha Willis (Minnesota Stars 17U | 2025) – 6.3 RPG (25th), 10.5 PPG

Quinn VanSickle (Hardwood Elite 17U | 2025) – 12.0 PPG (30th)

Isabella Wesley (Gauchos | 2025) – 11.0 PPG, .583 FG% (5th)


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