2024 ADIDAS 3SSB Session I Recap

3SSB Session I saw 123 teams packed with star studded talent gather in Council Bluffs, Iowa, for a phenomenal kick-off to what will be a tremendous summer of adidas basketball. Multiple squads made a statement with their undefeated weekends — in 17U, this included Power 5, Team Loaded VA, Indiana Elite, and New York Gauchos. In 16U, Utah Prospects, Team Loaded VA, Dream Vision, and Anthony Edwards 5. Finally, in 15U, Utah Prospects, New York Gauchos, and MR22 Elite. With a vast depth of talent across all age divisions and too many intriguing  names to count, here are just some of the players that made a statement with their play in Iowa.

Davion Adkins | 2026 | 6’8” Forward | Southern Assault 16U
A high motor forward with superb physical and athletic tools, Davion Adkins showed off his captivating upside in Council Bluffs. Adkins takes pride in protecting the rim and rebounding the ball, hauling in 6.7 boards per game (3 offensive) and 2.3 blocks, and does so with superb verticality and length that allows him to play far bigger than his listed 6’8”. Offensively, he plays above the rim with a unique level of ease for his age, throwing down multiple jaw-dropping dunks and put-backs. His impact is felt the most as a rim-runner and lob-catcher on the offensive end as a result, and his activity in consistently hunting these opportunities lays a promising foundation for a run-and-jump big that has all the tools to be a special player.

Nate Ament | 2025 | 6’8” Wing | Team Loaded VA 17U
Ament is a big, versatile wing with unique shot making and ball handling prowess for his size, standing out for his ability to hit shots from beyond the arc off the catch, off screens and off the bounce at 6’8”+. His long term upside is all the more enticing when factoring in his ability to handle the ball and make plays for others at that size, as Ament is fully comfortable handling in pick-and-roll and making reads. Along with leading his team in rebounding, on the defensive end, his size, length, and rangy mobility helped him make an impact in the passing lanes and as a weak side rim protector, contributing 1.3 steals and 1.3 blocks per game. Without a doubt he was a significant contributor to his team’s undefeated weekend due to this sheer versatility of impact and ability to effectively play alongside other ball handlers.

Jamarion Batemon | 2025 | 6’3” Guard | Power 5 17U
Jamarion Batemon was on fire all weekend and never seemed to cool off, shooting a staggering 53.8% from deep on nearly 10 attempts per game en route to 20.5 points per outing. Always a threat to shoot off the dribble, off the catch, or off-screens, Batemon’s shooting versatility and gravity make him a tremendously difficult player to guard. Not only that, but he really competes on the defensive end with toughness and a competitive edge, taking pride in containing the ball and setting the tone for his team. Batemon’s impact and energy was a huge catalyst for Power 5’s undefeated 4-0 record on the weekend.

Bruce Branch III | 2027 | 6’4” Guard | Compton Magic 15U
A top standout in the 15U group, Bruce Branch III showed a unique blend of perimeter shooting, intelligent, unselfish passing, and evasive finishing. He consistently made the right play without forcing it, driving and dishing when shown multiple defenders, making the extra pass, and shooting the open ones. His length and rangy mobility was impactful on the defensive end, standing out for his ability to rebound (10.7 rebounds per game) and protect the rim (2.3 blocks per game). He really competed on this end without taking possessions off, showing impressive maturity. Considering how much potential physical growth is left in the tank paired with his foundational skill set and feel for the game, Bruce’s long term upside is sky-high.

Mikel Brown, Jr. | 2025 | 6’3” Guard | Team Loaded NC 17U
A dynamic scorer, creator, and playmaker, Mikel Brown shone brightly all weekend, putting up 21.8 points on stellar 54/45/93 shooting splits to go with his 3.5 assists per game. Playing at a high pace throughout, Brown’s ability to operate off the bounce, especially in pick-and roll, was on full display, showing off his tight handle and lightning quick pull-up game that can capitalize on even the slightest advantage or window. That along with the constant threat of his deceptive
live-dribble passing makes him utterly dangerous on the offensive end with the ball in his hands.
His physical growth has elevated his game even further, highlighted by a jaw dropping, left-handed, posturizing dunk in transition.

Nikola Bundalo | 2025 | 6’10” Forward | Wildcat Select 17U
Niko Bundalo is a tremendously talented forward prospect that put up great numbers in Council Bluffs, averaging 16.8 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks per game. At 6’10”, his ability to stretch the floor, score with touch around the basket, and handle in the open court makes him extremely difficult to defend. His length and activity along with his capacity to make multiple efforts can make him an imposing rim protector and glass cleaner, and he is long and mobile enough to guard down positions on the perimeter.

Ryan Hampton | 2027 | 6’6” Wing | Game Elite 15U
A promising shot maker and self-creator with excellent physical tools, Hampton’s tantalizing
upside was visible throughout the weekend. An on-ball player, Hampton’s off-dribble game was his primary means of scoring. Along with putting pressure on the rim as a toolsy slasher, he
frequently went to his pull-up and utilized his superior size, high release point and footwork to manufacture windows to get his shot off. He proved to be a threat from deep, as well, showing the capacity to hit shots off the catch and off the bounce. At times the largest player on the
court, his superior size and length also overpowered slashers on the defensive end and led to multiple blocks throughout.

Caleb Holt | 2026 | 6’5” Guard | Game Elite 17U
Caleb Holt is a versatile, tough, do-it-all guard that constantly impacted winning and set the tone as a leader on the court. Playing up at the 17U level once again, the 16-year-old averaged 21 points and 3.3 assists per game while handling lead guard responsibilities on the offensive end. Holt fruitfully blended his own ability to score the ball as a physical, dynamic slasher and pull-up threat with keen, unselfish reads that put teammates in positions to succeed. Never one to slack off on the defensive end, Holt caused havoc on D due to his relentless motor, sharp instincts,
and developed physical and athletic tools, generating an outstanding 3 steals and 1 block per game. His overall ability to impact winning in a wide variety of ways along with his continued growth as a lead ball handler are highly promising aspects of his massive upside, and they were on full display here.

Kaden Magwood | 2025 | 6’3” Guard | Team Loaded VA 17U
An ultra-confident scorer that can light it up in a hurry, Magwood caught fire in Council Bluffs,
leading his squad to a 4-0 weekend through his 24.3 points per game. A dynamic shot-maker with a tight handle that can fill it up off the bounce or off the catch, Magwood shot a superb 50% from 3 on 9 attempts per game, punishing defenders for leaving even the smallest of windows.
His ability to hit tough shots off the dribble in the mid-range was also on full display, probing the
defense in high pick-and-roll or working out of isolation to find his spots. When Magwood has it
going as he did here, he is very, very difficult to deal with for opposing defenses due to the
sheer difficulty in his attempts and how little contests bother him.

Jordan Page | 2027 | 6’5” Guard | Garner Road 15U

A highly impactful and versatile lefty guard, Jordan Page led his team in scoring, assists, rebounds, and blocks with 19.3 points, 3.5 assists, 11.5 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks per game. Already a dynamic and above-the-rim athlete, Page offers a unique degree of versatility, not just in his physical foundation, but in his skill set. Along with his ability to really put pressure on the rim and finish with explosiveness and craft, he hit tough jumpers off the bounce in the mid-range and showed signs of three-point shooting. Furthermore, he made decisive plays for others as a passer both in transition and in the halfcourt, showing a mature feel for the game. The defensive acumen was incredible as well, as he was able to guard just about any position and really control the boards with consistent effort and anticipation. It was an overall supreme showing indicative of outstanding upside, and it was all the more impressive considering he is still just 14 years old.

Koa Peat | 2025 | 6’8” Forward | Compton Magic 17U
Being able to lead a team in scoring, anchor a defense, and make plays for others is a special
value proposition, and Koa Peat epitomized it here in Council Bluffs. He led Compton Magic to a 3-1 weekend, averaging 18.3 points, 3.3 assists, and 7.3 rebounds per game. Peat got to his spots and did a ton of damage within the arc through a variety of means, including handling in
pick-and-roll, posting up on the block, and pushing the ball in transition. His ability to bury the mid-range pull-up with ease, finish at the rim with force, and use physicality and craft to
manufacture shooting windows leave defenders at his mercy already, but he is also able to make passing reads after collapsing a defense or when handling in the open court. His defensive versatility and disruption was evident throughout as well, anchoring the defense with his rim protection and blowing up passing lanes and ball handlers.

Darryn Peterson | 2025 | 6’5” Guard | Phenom United 17U
Darryn Peterson was nothing less than dominant in Council Bluffs, torching defenses to the tune
of 25 points per game on very strong 51/38/90 shooting splits, along with 4 assists per game.
An incredibly dynamic, athletic, and polished primary offensive option, Peterson can score it in
just about any way imaginable with the ball in his hands, knifing through the lane for powerful or
evasive finishes, burying pull-up jumpers, getting to the free throw line, or stretching the defense
out from deep. Moreover, his passing feel and ability to make plays for others alongside this
diverse scoring attack makes him a truly special player. To make matters even worse for his
opponents, Peterson is extremely disruptive on the defensive end, racking up 3 steals and 1.5
blocks per game.

Dean Rueckert | 2026 | 6’8” Wing | Utah Prospects 16U
Rueckert was a major driving force for Utah Prospects’ dominant, undefeated weekend. A
dangerous perimeter shooter with the ability to play above the rim off cuts and straight line
drives, Rueckert led his team in scoring at 13.3 points per game. Without the ball, he also made
the effort to impact the glass, snagging 2.5 offensive boards per game. He further showed timely anticipation off the ball on the defensive end, getting in the passing lanes for steals and
deflections while also making an impact at the rim with his size and length.

Anthony Thompson | 2026 | 6’7” Wing | Indiana Elite 16U
Anthony Thompson is still just 15 years old and has grown ~4 inches in the last year, but he sure made his impact felt for Indiana Elite. The lefty wing boasts a smooth perimeter stroke from beyond the arc both off the catch and occasionally off movement, highlighted in his 23 point performance against the Arkansas Hawks. He made his presence felt on the defensive end with his 7’0” wingspan, securing multiple blocks, deflections, and rebounds. As he continues to grow into his body and fill out his frame, Thompson’s long term upside is nothing short of enticing.

Gabe Weis | 2026 | 6’8” Wing | Wildcat Select 16U
A skilled and versatile wing, Montverde-bound Gabe Weis constantly had his fingerprints on the
game, making a huge impact for Wildcat Select. On offense, Weis can really score the ball in
the mid-range and with crafty finishes around the rim, and he continues to show growth as a
facilitator that can keep the offense connected. When he wasn’t scoring, he further made his
impact felt by causing havoc on the defensive end, racking up deflections, rebounds, and blocks with his combination of length, activity, and anticipation.

Additional Standouts

Ben Ahmed – BABC 17U, Latrell Allmond – Team Loaded VA 17U, Ikenna Alozie – Utah Prospects 17U, Nolen Anderson – D1 Minnesota 16U, Aiden Argabright – New World 17U, Martay Barnes – Austin Rivers SE Elite 16U, Alex Barther II – Southern Assault 16U, Brandon Bass, Jr. – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Yeshua Kesse-Beda – Dream Vision 17U, Darius Bivins – Washington Warriors 17U, Brayden Boe – Beauchamp Elite 17U, Devin Booker – K-Low Elite 17U, Devin Brown – Power 5 17U, Uzziah Buntyn – ASAK 17U, Eric Chatfield, Jr. – Anthony Edwards 5 17U, Francis Chukwudebelu – Southern Assault 17U, Jalen St. Clair – Washington Warriors 17U, Yohance Connor – Team Loaded Virginia 16U, Alex Constanza – Team Loaded 16U, Joshua Conti – Garner Road 15U, Jalen Davis – Beauchamp Elite 15U, Deshawn Dillon – Houston Raptors 15U, Moustapha Diop – Game Elite 16U, Aiden Disu – ASAK 17U, Mason Dobie – Team Push 17U, Savo Drezgić – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Alexander Egbuonu – BABC 16u, Asher Elson – New York Gauchos 17U, Luke Ertel – Indiana Elite 17U, Gelonni “JuJu” Ervin – Beauchamp Elite 17U, Zac Foster – Atlanta Celtics 17U, Jason Gardner, Jr. – Indiana Elite 15U, Kiwane Garris, Jr. – Team Huncho 17U, Michael Gatewood – Southern Assault 16U, Carl Geathers II – Anthony Edwards 5 17U, King Gibson – Team Loaded NC 15U, Zion Gross – Team Rose 17U, Winters Grady – Jalen Green Elite 17U, Donyierick “DJ” Hall – Southern Assault 17U, Jacob Hammond – Brookwood Elite 17U, Lamont “Doodie” Hamilton – Power 5 16U, Troy Henderson – Team Loaded VA 17U, Jalin Holland – Utah Prospects 17U, Sinaun Huan – Austin Rivers SE Elite 16U, TyJuan Hunter – Team Rose 16U, Dothan Ijadimbola – D1 Minnesota 16U, Lucas Isaak – Jalen Green Elite 17U, Jeremiah Jackson – Indiana Elite 16U, Guerdy Jean – Brookwood Elite 17U, Ben Johnson – ETG Midwest 17U, Isaiah Langham – Mass Rivals 17U, Jonah Lawrence – Upward Stars 17U, Jalen “JR” Leonard – Anthony Edwards 5 17U, Trevon Lewis – New York Gauchos 17U, Elijah Lovemore – Team Rose 17U, Josh Lowery – Compton Magic 15U, Kruz McClure – MR22 Elite 17U, Jacob Meachem – K-Low Elite 17U, Cam Miles – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Luke Moore – Arkansas Hawks 17U, Malachi Moreno – Indiana Elite 17U, Lucas Morillo – New York Gauchos 17U, Braylon Mullins – Indiana Elite 17U, Neiko Mundey – New World 16U, Cade Murphy – Team Loaded NC 16U, Ben Nacey – Team Push 17U, Mukisa “Momo” Nkugwa – Mass Rivals 17U, Khalib Norcome – Washington Warriors 16U, Elias Obenyah – Team Lillard 16U, David “Bo” Ogden – ASAK 17U, Ebuka Okorie – BABC 17U, Collins Chidera Onyejiaka – BABC 16u, Erhunmwunse Oswin – BABC 17U, Chris Sheka Parasion – Brookwood Elite 17U, Josiah Parker – Game Elite 17U, Antonio Pemberton – Mass Rivals 17U, Elijah Perryman – Team Lillard 17U, Jaylen Petty – Dream Vision 17U, Jakeel Registe – One Time Legends 17U, Jasir Rencher – Team Lillard 17U, Jaxon Richardson – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Derek Rollins – ETG Midwest 17U, Jonathan Sanderson – Midwest Basketball Club 17U, Lawrence Sanford – Upward Stars 17U, Joson Sanon – BABC 17U, Ashton Shewell – Utah Prospects 15U, Lorenzo Shields – Team Rose 17U, Anthony Smith – JSizzles 17U, Gan-Erdene Solongo – Midwest Basketball Club 16U, Jamyn Sondrup – Utah Prospects 16U, John Southwick – Utah Prospects 17U, Jacob Spurlock – Indiana Elite 16U, Caleb Steger – Southern Assault 17U, Moustapha Thiam – Austin Rivers SE Elite 17U, Jordan Tillery – Team Loaded NC 17U, Tyus Thomas – Dream Vision 16U, Chase Thompson – D1 Minnesota 17U, Tristan Thompson – Upward Stars 17U, Landon Vanderwarker – Midwest Basketball Club 17U, Quincy Wadley – Team Loaded VA 17U, Tyler Wagner – D1 Minnesota 17U, EJ Walker – Midwest Basketball Club 17U, Myles Walker – Compton Magic 17U, Jordan Watford – Upward Stars 17U, Jacob Webber – ETG Midwest 16U, John Whorton – MR22 Elite 17U, Jacob Wilkins – Team Huncho 17U, Sebastian Wilkins – Mass Rivals 17U 


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